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Windcatcher — Blue King copy

—— Rytm Blue



A small piece of windstopper fabric can make a big difference in a descent. The bespoke Rytm windcatcher is inspired by the freezing fans who wait for their heroes on the top of a hill with food and a newspaper. Not for a quick catch-up of the sports pages, but to tuck under their jersey before the cold descent. For a long time, a folded newspaper was the best shield against the cold and the wind.

The temperature gap between the valley and the col can be up to 20 degrees Celcius. As long as you’re fighting your way uphill your heart is pumping heat through your veins and you won’t even feel the cold. But downhill is a very different story, the temperature descends faster than you.

The Rytm Windcatcher is made of windstopper fabric with beautiful finished borders and comes in 3 different designs. Folded up it takes less space than a handkerchief, so always keep one in a backpocket or your cycling wallet. You’ll thank us later. Tuck the underside of your Windcatcher in your bibs and fix the sides between your bretels. Never let wind or cold mess up your Rytm.

The fabrics of your Windcatcher is Italian.

Main fabric: PA 83% — EA 17%

Italians love cyclists. They cook the best spaghetti, they make espresso, they shaped the Stelvio and they produce the most advanced cycling fabrics in the world. And that’s why we love to work with them and to push their magical skills a little further every time.

Do not tumble dry, do not use softeners and try as much as possible to hang dry in a space not directly exposed to direct sunlight or UV light. This are the main tips and tricks to make your garments last for a very long time.

The BLUESIGN® Approved label ensures that the Rytm apparel is made from fabrics and materials that are produced using only chemicals and processes that are safe for the environment and people.

This is done by minimising water usage and emissions during the manufacturing processes. BLUESIGN provides safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in, and for everyone to ride in. With a holistic approach, BLUESIGN traces each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product. BLUESIGN changes the environmental impact of textiles for good. As a solution provider and knowledge broker, BLUESIGN acts as an independent verifier to secure trust and transparency. Corresponding to this approach, BLUESIGN encourages the industry to increase their efforts in sustainable processes step by step.

Ride the blue way.

— Highest degree of safety for the consumer.
— Manufacturing with lowest possible impact on people and the environment.
— Responsible use of resources.


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