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Men - free windcatcher

What is a windcatcher?

A windcatcher is a small piece of windstopping fabric which makes a big difference in a descent. The Rytm windcatcher is invented by Rytm and is inspired by the ritual that happened once riders reach the top of famous climbs. Freezing fans were waiting for them with some food and a newspaper they had probably read first. The riders were grateful they could put the journal under their jersey before they would start with their long descent. The thick folded newspaper was the perfect shield against the cold and the wind.

On the photo you see Bernard Guyot putting a newspaper under his jersey for insulation in the 1968 Tour.

Windbreaker 02

The difference in temperature between the place you started your trip somewhere in the valley down there and the col up there can be between 15 and 20 degrees Celcius. When going up you are not aware of the cold. Your body is working, your heart is pumping, you are in your cadence. Till you start your descent.

The Rytm Windcatcher is made of windstopper fabric with beautiful finished borders and comes in 3 different designs. Once folded it takes no more space than a handkerchief. Keep in one of your backpockets or leave it in your cycling wallet for that moment you'll be happy you always keep it there. Just put the underside of your Windcatcher in your bibs and fix the sides between your bretels. And the wind and the cold won't mess up your Rytm.